Our Rich History

Snook was originally an all-Czech settlement, roots that can still be seen in our present culture. Czeck's discovered that they could buy fertile land in a place called Snook at a low price and began buying the blackland up. By 1888, the community was so rich that a school was founded between Sebesta and Snook. Just a few years later, the Sebesta county adopted the name "Snook". At this time, the community was booming, boasting a store, a lodge, a school, and a religious organization.
Over the next few decades, what we now know as Snook began to take shape. This included a post office, phone lines, municipal services, and a water system. By 1914, the original school was too small for the booming population. A new school was built on the same site, but was only large enough to serve the city until 1935 when the Snook Consolidated School District came to be. 
In the 1940's, the first paved road, FM 60, was built in the area, bringing more awareness to the city of Snook. It was not until a decade later that a farm-to-market road network was completed that would allow transportation to neighboring towns, resulting in a growth of the population of Snook. This resulted in the establishment of the Snook Water Suppy Corporation in 1963. 
The Snook Lions Club was founded in 1967, a group of men looking to improve their community. This group worked together with neighboring cities to improve the overall quality of life for their neighbors.


Meet our Leadership Team

John W. See III


David Cover

Mayor Pro-Tem

Eddie Green


Marilyn Rubach


Bob Schubert


Jared Snow


Tammi Bryan

City Secretary

John Burkhalter

City Marshal

Hilda Cuthbertson

Municipal Judge


Service Contacts

Volunteer Fire Department

In an emergency, please call 911

Post Office

9999 FM 2155

JP Office Precinct #2

Judge Bill Orsak
9434 Slovacek Road