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City Ordinances

A list of the Code of Ordinances governing the City of Snook, click the PDF image to read the full ordinance.

Casing of Water/Sewer Lines 05-18-20

City Meeting Procedures 03-23-21-1

Dangerous Buildings 3-15C

Emergency Management - 0189

Firearms 02-16

Franchises 5-23-94

Industrial Waste 4-22-81

2022 Tax Rate 2022-08

2022-2023 FY Budget 2022-03

Fuel and Gas Code 2022-30G

Plumbing Code 2022-30D

Manufactured Homes & Parks 03-01A

Junked Vehicles 2023-02

Municipal Court Establishment 4-1-02

Municipal Maintenance 5-28-73

Oil & Gas Regulation 7-7-80

Oil & Gas Regulation Amendment 8-26-91

Outdoor Burning 2022-02

Portable Buildings 04-25

Annexation of Heritage Acres 2022-07

Residential Building Code 2022-30A

Fire Code 2022-30F

Building Code 2022-30E

Manufactured Homes Amendment 2022-09

Public Health 3-15A

Retirement System 6-27-22

RV Parks 6-23-14

Signs & Billboards 03-03A

Speed Zones 2-22-16

Temporary Moratorium 02-19

Water/Sewer 2022-01

Building Permit and Insp. Fees 2022-06

National Electric Code 2022-30

Mechanical Code 2022-30C

Existing Building Code 2022-30B

Water/Sewer 2022-10

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